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Meet Y. Alexandra Medina, an aesthetician with over two years of experience in facials, brows, waxing, lash lamination, and more. Since December 2022, Alex has practiced aesthetics in the South Florida region holding an aesthetician license from the Texas Salon Boutique Academy – a top three credit hour institute. In addition, Alexs holds a Brow Master Certificate, having served over 200 clients. Alex blends spirituality with aesthetics to provide customized treatment solutions.
Fluent in: English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese 

Magical Revival

Facial magic: Watch beauty transform,
glowing before and after every
rejuvenating session.

Lash Lift and Brow

Elevate your gaze effortlessly. Beauty
redefined with Lash Lift and
Brow Lamination.

Brow Care

Define charm: Sculpted brows enhanced your face frame with effortless elegance.

Youth Aesthetics

Passionate about delivering top-notch results and providing exceptional customer service.  Alexandra Medina specializes in personalized skincare and brow services. With extensive experience and specialized training, she tailors each session to meet your unique needs, ensuring a delightful experience that unveils and enhances your natural beauty.

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Hear from our best customers, sharing their experiences with us!


Hear from our best customers, sharing their experiences with us!